Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Don McKaughan ... You Will Be Missed

"Nothing perfect lasts forever.
         Except in our memories."
                  From the poster to the movie: "A River Runs Through It"

This is a place where people who loved Don McKaughan may feel free to write a memory they have of him, a story, or to say goodbye to a good friend.  Please share your thoughts by clicking on the "Comments" at the bottom of the tribute below. You need not be a cyclist to share a memory here.  Please send photos of Don that we can share to Chuck Bramwell at and to Roland Hoffman at

Tom Fante wrote: "The main reason for my reply is to inform you of the passing of my good friend and Hall of Fame inductee  Don McKaughan. Don passed away on Tuesday October 29th from heart failure. I attended his funeral Monday. We both reside in the Sacramento area.  Don and I rode many miles together in recent years on the double centuries. He also supported several of the rides. We were scheduled to ride on the Saturday Dead of Winter Double together. I will still be riding and Don will be there in spirit." 

Don was inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame in 2016 in recognition of him completing 50 Double Centuries or 10,000 Miles in the California Triple Crown Series.  He loved these hard rides as shown on his California Triple Crown History Report HERE

Don rode his First organized Century on the Indian Valley Century around Antelope Lake where he remembered great food and a flat tire on the way back.

His First Double Century was on the 2002 Davis Double where his wife was waiting for him for over two hours at the Finish.

His favorite local 50 mile ride was from Natomas on the American River Bike Trail.

His favorite place to ride in the world was in the Bryce National Park area of Utah.  They found it on their ride across the US and loved the area.

His favorite treat during a long ride was a Krispy Kreme Donut on the Grand Tour.

Don gave back to our sport by volunteering on 9 Double Centuries including Dead of Winter, White Mountain, and Knoxville.

He overcame diabetes on his way to tackling these Double Centuries.  It required his strong determination to not quit.

His most memorable Double Century memory was going down Sage Hen Summit on the Eastern Sierra Double at 56 Miles Per Hour which was the fastest he had ever ridden on a bike.  It was a true E Ticket Ride.  And he will always remember a tailwind out of Benton on that same course pushing him at 35MPH.

He had good memories of Lee Mitchell’s music, big smile, and Santa Claus in the summer.

Don cranked out the California Triple Crown for 13 years of riding 3 or More Double Centuries per year.  He also completed the Gold Thousand Mile Club 2 years after completing at least 5 Double Centuries and Volunteering as well. 

When he was inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame, he wrote: "I started bicycling late in age and after the first Double, I was hooked.  I set a goal of doing fifty Doubles and with my wife’s encouragement and the encouragement of other riders, I was able to complete my goal – still loving it and will continue to do Doubles."

Don was a Retired CPA and was 70 when he passed away.  His obituary from the Sacramento Bee can be found HERE

Don will be missed.


Unknown said...

You will be missed, Don.

My condolences go out to the family.

Roehl Caragao

Food Dude Dan said...

Thank you for posting such a touching tribute to my mild mannered Tax Man Don. He will be missed dearly and the way he shined when talking about Frieda, his family biking and hiking. A true lover of life. He lived life with meaning, purpose and love. Great to see him in his happy place in these photos. God Bless his family, may they find peace in the months ahead.

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